Get Started

Gather your photos, negatives, and slides and place them in the order and groups you would like them scanned. Manila folders are a great way to categorize photos. If you prefer to have a group of images scanned to a specific folder, write the name of the folder on the outside of the folder, such as: “Billy’s 10th Birthday” or “1975″. Counting and sorting images is your a decision. We will automatically count your images during the scanning process.

Complete the order form here and include this form with your shipment container.


Place your images in a sturdy shipping box. Use packing material to prevent shifting.


Call 207-389–4676 to schedule a convenient pick up time. You will be called 2 hours prior to pickup time to reconfirm the appointment. A pickup charge will be assessed based on mileage. Please see our price list for more information.

On completion of processing, we will call to schedule a convenient delivery time. A detailed invoice will be included. Payment may be made with Check or credit card on delivery.